Professional Diamond Architectural Cable Mesh Manufacture in China

Above 10 production lines,quickly delivery time

6 Years experieced in supply OEM & ODM service 

No.1 quantity transacted of cable mesh on alibaba.com 

0 %  complaint

Precision size,100% install well

High performance ratio

Experieced in processed large and irregular shape piece

10 years warranty

Pass En1263.1.2014

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Useful Information


304 grade stainless steel mesh'cost almost same as 316 grade.because the core cost of mesh is process cost.


 The smaller opening of mesh,the more expensive.


Piece size should be the inner frame size.


Cable mesh cab be manufactrued into irregular shape.

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DecorRope™ Cable Mesh

Flexible  ferruled  stainless steel cable mesh  is assembled by seamless ferrules and stainless steel wire ropes.diamond mesh structure.Easily install.  Color finished.pre-fabricated tubular frame finished. read more . . .

WovenRope™ Cable Mesh

Flexible knotted stainless steel rope mesh is knotted by hand woven stainless steel wire ropes.diamond mesh structure. Easily install.Color finished.pre-fabricated tubular frame finished.read more . . .

  • Light weight,High open area % .
  • Corrosion resistant,allows strongh airflow.
  • Total pro-environment,recyclable,no toxic,non flammable.
  • Maintenaance free,don't ask any special cleaning & coating.
  • At least 10 years rust and quality guaranteed.
  • High security and safety.