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Candurs design Flexible architectural stainless steel cable mesh meets quality architectural,structure and flexible design application.Suitable rope ferrule creates impressed three dimension vision. Promote security. all flexible cable mesh is made from top quality stainless steel rope from Korea. available Decor Rope Mesh and Woven Rope mesh type.widely for railing & balustrade,safety net,green wall,animal enclosure in Zoo application.

World Class Quality

High Cost Performance

100 % Install Guarantee

Decor stainless steel cable mesh has unique structure,Candurs design rope ferrule.high open area %, high break loading capacity, easily install.

Cusotmized rectangular panel,irregular panel, triangular panel. Long Piece.Prefabricated mesh panel.

popular for Railing,balustrade,bolcony,staircase,safety net on bridge.green wall,bird aviary mesh,animal enclosure in zoo. etc.

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Mesh Structure,Technical Library, How To lnstall.

Mesh For Railing, Prefabricated Frame Panel,




Woven stainless steel rope mesh has flexible structure.small opening offers highest break loading capacity.rust resistant.light weight 

Curstomized piece size. Black oxide finish.

Popular use for bird netting,aviary mesh,monkey enclosure and animal enclosure mesh in zoo.

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Mesh Structure.

Black Oxide Zoo Mesh

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.304 or 316 stainless steel cable mesh ?

As flexbe cable mesh is light weight,the main is process cost.316 cable mesh has high cost performance.

2.How to measure the piece size ? 

Make sure flexible cable mesh 100% installation,We need  inside frame size.

3.Decor rope mesh or Woven rope mesh ?

Same application.Decor rope mesh has precision opening and piece size.

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DongGuan Candurs Cable Mesh Systems Co.,Ltd. Specialized in manufacturing flexible architectural stainless steel cable mesh products.located at DongGuan city.China.

  • Since 2011.Located DongGuan city.China
  • Above 10 production lines.
  • OEM & ODM service.
  • Experienced large and special shape mesh.
  • 90% exported Australia.UK,Denmark. USA. Spain. HongKong etc.
  • Quickly delivery time. 
  • Design.Manufacturer & assistant install.

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