DongGuan Candurs Cable Mesh Systems Co.,Ltd is specialized in stainless steel cable mesh and rope mesh products. Since 2011.above10 produce lines. experienced provide OEM & ODM service. full products was made from top quality raw material all of world.rust resistant & safety guarantee. 

Tested by EN1263-1-2014,EN12600:2002,CAP437,fire resistant etc.stainless steel wire rope mesh is the most popular for facade systems, railing & balustrade systems. Security fence, Green wall systems, safety nets, zoo & animal enclosure systems etc.our partner come from Australia, UK, Denmark, Spain, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. read more ,,,

10 years warranty

6 Years OEM & ODM experience 

No.1 transacted on alibaba .com  

0 %  complaint

Precision size,100% install well

High performance ratio

Ability to process Large piece 

Ability to process Irregular piece

Quickly delivery


DecorRope flexible stainless steel cable mesh ferule type is
assembled by seamless ferrules and top quality stainless steel
wire ropes.60° optimal angle.widely application.read more . . .


Woven Flexible stainless steel rope mesh is woven with top quality stainless steel wire ropes.100% by hand.light weight.bird netting,animal enclosure etc. read more . . .

Border Design


DecorRope and WovenRope cable mesh can be installed on tubular frame and tension cablce easily with special border plans design,Candurs provide more than 30 different types of border pattern to meet different install required. The most popular edge pattern is L10,L18,L22,L24,you willn't worry about the installation as the piece size tolerance. 100% install well.


Rectangular & Irregular Panel

Customized rectangular,round ,tranpeziod,and irregular panel for:

1. Building facade

2. Balustrade & Railing,stair safey net

3. Green wall trellis

4.Safey net

Large & Long Panel

Customized large width and longer piece for: 

​1. Bird netting 

2. Aviary mesh 

3. Monkey enclosure mesh 

4. Tiger enclosure mesh 

5. Animal enclosure mesh in Zoo

Cable Mesh Bag

Mesh Bag

Customized bag width and height.

1. Anti-theft rope mesh bag

2. Safety net bag

3. Cargo net


1.Should i choose 304 or 316 stainless steel cable mesh ?

Generally the 304 stainless steel is cheaper than 316 stainless steel,to our cable mesh,the main cost is process cost,so the cost of mesh between 304 and 316 almost same.we suggest to choose 316 stainless steel. 

2.How to measure the piece size ? 

In order to install the mesh on frame or tensile cable well,we need the inside of frame size.

3. The smaller opening,the more expensive ? 


4. How to get the free sample ? 

Contact us at sales@candurs.com to get the free sample. 

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