DecorRope™ Cable Mesh

DecorRope stainless steel cable mesh is very popular use for building facade,balustrade railing,handrail balcony infill systems, security fence,green wall systems, animal enclosure in zoo etc.

DecorRope Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh

DecorRope Feature: 

  • Unique design idea.3D-structure,Flexible,elegant,discreet,filigreed,multifuncational.
  • Light weight,High open area % .
  • Corrosion resistant,allows strongh airflow.
  • Total pro-environment,recyclable,no toxic,non flammable.
  • Maintenaance free,don't ask any special cleaning & coating.
  • At least 10 years guaranteed


Building Facade  Balustrade & Railing Systems Animal enclosure
Green Wall Systems Security Fencing Bird Protection

Front - Back

DecorRope Face

DecorRope stainless steel mesh has smooth front and back suface,comfortable ferrule connected, safety,unobstructure view,Good finish

DecorRope Side

Decorrope stainless steel cable mesh is assembled by seamless ferrules and stainless steel wire rope,Diamond mesh when it is stretched at 30-90° angle ( Standard 60° ).


Ropes diameter: 1.0 mm - 4.0 mm

Rope Structure: 7x7,7x19

                          Mesh Structure


Opening width ( OW ): 20 mm - 200 mm

Opening height ( OH ) : 35 mm - 346 mm

Open Guage : OG

Angle : 60 °

DecorRope Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

CD1540 -  Rope Diameter : 1.5 mm .OW : 40 mm

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