Door Security Mesh

 Installed wire mesh door security mesh,protecting your home ! Candurs provide variety of  doow security mesh at high quality.

1.High Tensile Woven Mesh
Back powder coated stainless steel security mesh and galvanised steel security mesh  which is the most popular door security mesh in Australia,New zealand,USA,UK market etc
Security mesh feature:
Burglarproof, bulletproof,anti-fly and mosquito together
316 marine stainless steel or hot dipped galvaised steel
0.8mm wire diameter
11mesh x 11mesh per inch
Black powder coated
High strength: 750-1350Mpa
Corrosion resistant
Our quality meet Austrial standard,pass knife test,impact test,jemmy attack test

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stainless steel security mesh and galvanised steel security mesh

2. Perforated Aluminum Mesh
Perforated Aluminum Mesh was a new type of  door security mesh,compared with woven mesh type,perforforated mesh has round hole ,offer different views apprecation.which start to use in Australia,New Zealand,USA,UK etc.
 Fearture of Perforated Aluminum Mesh:
Super aluminium sheet
Round hole
Hole diamond:2.2mm
Open area:40%
Black powder coated surface treatment.
Our quality meet Australia standard

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2mm Aluminium-Guard Security Mesh

 3.Aluminum Grille
Aluminum Grille was the oldest door security mesh,the most popular to Australia,New Zealand market.
Feature of Aluminum Grille:
Aluminum alloy 6063
7 mm thickness
Aperture:67mm x 84mm
Cord size: 7mm x 5.8mm
Web thickness: 2mm
Our quality meet Australia standard

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aluminum grille