Gabions was made from heavy heagonal wire mesh.
Gabions Application:
(1) control and guide the rivers and the flood
(2) dam and flood diversion dam
(3) operation rock avalanche protection
(4) prevent water soil and water loss
(5) bridge protection
(6) hold the soil structure
(7) coastal defense engineering
(8) harbor engineering
(9) retaining wall
(10) road protection

Reno Mattress

 Reno Mattresses plays an important parts in preventing natural scour of water and retaining earth,which is mainly applied for river bank protection as well as foreshore and side slope protection,meanwhile it provides protection on water courses and coastal revetments against scour and erosion.


Gabion Baskets

Gabions basket consist of rectangular units, fabricated from a double twisted hexagonal mesh. Filled with stones, gabions become large, flexible and permeable elements from which a broad range of structures may be built. Gabions and mattresses are widely used for hydraulic and geo- technical control such as retaining walls, riverbank protections, weirs, channel linings etc.
Gabions baskets are divided into cells with diaphragms (usually spaced at 1 meter or 3’ intervals), whose function is to reinforce the structure. The mesh (except for the diaphragms) is reinforced on all edges with wires of a larger diameter to strengthen the gabions and facilitate the assembly and installation.

Welded Gabions

 Welded gabions box is quickly and easily install. In fact, installation time can be as much as 40% less than required by hex type gabions. With diaphragms and stiffeners installed,the gabion may be filled with standard loading equipment.After filling the gabion, a lid is placed on top and secured with spiral binders,lacing wire or “C” rings.
High strength galvanized welded gabions box
Galfan Gabions Box 

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Reinforcement Gabions

 Reinforcement gabions is means inprove the strength on heavy hexagonal wire mesh.