Crimped Wire Mesh

Experienced wire mesh manufacturer in china,supplied variety crimped wire mesh meet screening,security screens,guards,fencing required.
Crimped wire mesh
  • pre-crimped wire
  • weaving type: plain weaving,double crimped,lock crimped,flat top crimped,intermediate crimped
  • Mesh style:square,rectangular,long slot,triangle,diamond etc
  • Material: stainless steel,high carbon steel,mild carbon steel,high tensile steel,spring steel,65Mn steel
  • Wire diameter :0.71mm - 12.5mm
  • Aperture :1mm - 100mm
  • Equare aperture.
  • Customized width and length
  • Available flat panel,roll
  • Supplied professional hook process and surface treatment.
  • Tolerance 2%-4%.
Fine Crimped Wire Mesh
Fine Crimped Wire Mesh
Crimped wire mesh widely application as :
Crimped Mesh Roll
Crimped Mesh Roll
Safety Fencing
Safety Fencing