Pig Raising-Sleep Floor Mesh

 Special pig mesh,pig raising mesh,pig sleep floor mesh,pig bed mesh made from woven wire mesh.
 Rectangular mesh style.
Why choose rectangular mesh !
Rectangular mesh widely useful for all kinds difficult material screening,reduce blinding,anti clogging screening capacity. so that rectangular mesh can well filter pig's dejecta and other waste,offer a clean,comfortable place for pig's sleep and rest.

Rectangular mesh made from stainless steel wire,carbon steel wire,
wire diameter from 3.8mm - 5.2mm
Aperture25mm x 50mm,30mm x 50mm,25mm x 50mm 12mm x 50mm,15mm x 50mm,14mm x 50mm 10mm×40mm、10mm×50mm、10mm×60mm
Customized pig sleep floor mesh width and length

Pig Raising Mesh
Pig Raising Mesh