Zoo Mesh

 Zoo mesh made from X mesh tend stainless steel mesh,diamond mesh style,stainless cable rope zoo mesh offer highest secure and artistic appreciation,easily install.

 Advantages of rope zoo mesh: 

  • Flexible,elegant,discreet,filigreed,multifunctional.
  • Corrosion resistant,allows strong airflow.
  • Fully pro-enviroment,recyclable,no toxic and flammable. 
  • Easy installation,cable mesh can be fixed on stainless steel tube post(frame) or stainiless steel cables tensioned with stainless fitting.
  • Once ferrule mesh is using,maintenance free,don't ask any special cleaning or coating 
  • 30 years guarantee 

Select rope zoo mesh to protect your animal, highest safety.

Candurs provide 
Decorrope™ and Wovenrope™  type of stainless steel rope mesh for zoo mesh,zoo enclosure mesh

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