Mesh For Railing

The most popular flexible stainless steel wire rope mesh for railing,balustrade,staircase,handrail.balcony systems.high open area%.corrosion resistant.high break impact capacity.easily install,long using time.

Flexible rope mesh is assembled by rope ferrules and stainless steel wire rope.Candurs design quality flexible stainless steel cable mesh for railing.

  • Design for where the safety required.High breaking loading capacity.Safety.
  • Smooth surface suit where the people & animal will touch.No hurry.
  • Three dimension suit where the public place used.Well vision.

Mesh Structure

Optimal stretch at 60°(optimal) angle.1.5mm(7x7),2.0mm(7x7),3.0mm(7x19).Opening Width (OW) from 20mm - 200mm.Available AISI 316 stainless steel. 

Popular Flexible Cable Mesh For Balustrade Railing
Product Code Cable Dia Opening (OW x OH) Min Break Loading
CD1535 1.5 mm 35mm x 55 mm  1.6 KN 
CD1540 1.5 mm 40 mm x 70 mm   1.6 KN  
CD1550 1.5 mm 50 mm x 90 mm   1.6 KN  
CD1560 1.5 mm 60 mm x 105 mm  1.6 KN 
CD1580 1.5 mm 80mm x 140 mm  1.6 KN 
CD2035 2.0 mm 35mm x 55 mm  2.9 KN
CD2040 2.0 mm 40 mm x 70 mm  2.9 KN
CD2050 2.0 mm 50 mm x 90 mm  2.9 KN
CD2060 2.0 mm 60 mm x 105 mm  2.9 KN
CD2080 2.0 mm 80 mm x 140 mm  2.9 KN
CD20100 2.0 mm 100 mm x 175 mm 2.9 KN

Customized Cable Mesh For Balustrade

100% Install Guarantee

  • Wire Rope Mesh For Balustrade

How Control Flexible mesh 100% Install?

How Install  Flexible Mesh On Frame?

Easily order the mesh for railing?

Provide product code ,such as CD1560.

  1. Piece width and height,quantity.​Drawing if necessary​
  2. Let us help you :

Note: Piece width and height is inside frame size. 

Easily Order frame mesh panel for railing

Provide round tube or square tube or rod size.

  1. Frame width and height. Quantity.
  2. Drawing is necessary if it is irregular panel.
  3. Let us help you :

 Note: Frame width and height is outside frame size.

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