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Harp Wire Screens

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Product Description

Professional china harp wire screens manufacturer,factory,Candurs provide D,W,H Mesh of harp wire screens of anti blinding material screening use in mining,quarry,aggregate screen indsutries.  
Compared with traditional square woven screens,
harp screens has trianglediamond  and wave opening style ,unique weaving style.which efficient screening all kinds of the most wet,sticky,moist material.non blinding screening.   

Available high tensile steel andstainless steel  
harp screens,supplied V and C type hook process,surface treatment etc     

Feature of harp screens:
  • Unique aperture design,Diamond,triangle,Wave etc.
  • Wire diameter from 1.25mm - 6mm
  • Acturally aperture size
  • Wear and abrasion resistant.
  • Self cleaning screening capacity.    
  • Non blind and plugging screening.
  • Long screening life  
 Order required: 
  • Material grade
  • Aperture style
  • Wire diameter
  • Aperture size
  • Panel size,such width and length,over hook width etc
  • Supplied drawing if necessary
  • Quantity 
  • Other required
  • Contact us to know more information

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