The most popular stainless steel cable mesh for railing,balustrade,balcony,staircase safety net. 3D-structure,rust resistant. easily install on tubular frame or suspension cable.candurs provide rectangular panel,triangular panel,trapezoid panel or other irregular panel to meet different safey net required.

CD1560 for railing system







DecorRope cable mesh is assembled by seamless ferrules and stainless steel cable,optimal stretched at 60° angle.customized nets width and more... 

Product No. Cable Dia OW KG/m2 Area% Min Breaking (KN)
CD1560 1.5 mm 60 mm      








Easily Install

Flexible stainless steel Cable mesh is easily install on tubular frame or tension cable with special border design.The most popular border pattern is L10,L18,L22,L24,L30 etc.

L10 Pattern

L18 Pattern

L22 Pattern

L24 Pattern