Wire Rope & Mesh Opening

The bigger the wire rope. the mesh cost more expensive. The smaller opening, the mesh cost more expensive. 

News: Tight rope structure offers high break loading capacity. Seamless rope ferrule offers high break loading capacity. Smooth surface, better touch feeling, corrosion-resistant.

Border Pattern

How border design affects the cost of mesh!

Such as L01 pattern with L24 pattern, L24 pattern used eye ferrule at the left and right sides.that is why the cost of L14 pattern is higher.

News: The swaged eye ferrule increased the impact capacity of mesh.L24 pattern is the most popular use for the panel border design, especially irregular panel.

Opening Orientation

The mesh opening orientation affects the mesh cost too. Sometimes to the same panel, the horizontal and vertical orientation of rope mesh has much different cost.

Irregular Panel

Irregular rope mesh panel cost has a little different than the rectangular panel. because it has to be cut by drawing from a rectangular panel.