Mesh For Railing

The most popular flexible stainless steel wire rope mesh for railing,balustrade,staircase railing. handrail. balcony systems.high open area%.corrosion resistant.high break impact capacity.easily install.

Flexible Rope Mesh For Railing

Why Choose Decor Rope Mesh !

  • Design for safety required.Smooth surface.Three dimension structure.Well vision.
  • Top quality wire rope from Korea.
  • Candurs design rope ferrule.
  • Precision size.100% install guaratee.

Nessary to Design :

  • Rope diameter.
  • Mesh Opening.
  • Mesh orientation.
  • Edge pattern for installation.

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Mesh Structure

Decor rope mesh is assembled by rope ferrules and stainless steel wire rope.Candurs design quality flexible stainless steel cable mesh for railing.Optimal stretch at 60°(optimal) angle.1.5mm(7x7),2.0mm(7x7),3.0mm(7x19).Opening Width (OW) from 20mm - 200mm.Available AISI 316 stainless steel. 

Popular Options
Product Code Cable Dia Opening (OW x OH) Min Break Loading
CD1535 1.5 mm 35mm x 55 mm  1.6 KN 
CD1540 1.5 mm 40 mm x 70 mm   1.6 KN  
CD1550 1.5 mm 50 mm x 90 mm   1.6 KN  
CD1560 1.5 mm 60 mm x 105 mm  1.6 KN 
CD1580 1.5 mm 80mm x 140 mm  1.6 KN 
CD2035 2.0 mm 35mm x 55 mm  2.9 KN
CD2040 2.0 mm 40 mm x 70 mm  2.9 KN
CD2050 2.0 mm 50 mm x 90 mm  2.9 KN
CD2060 2.0 mm 60 mm x 105 mm  2.9 KN
CD2080 2.0 mm 80 mm x 140 mm  2.9 KN
CD20100 2.0 mm 100 mm x 175 mm 2.9 KN
All Rope &Mesh

Mesh Solution.

1. Rectangular piece.2. Trapezoid piece. 3. Pre-fabricated frame panel.

Flexible Cable Mesh For Railing
Rope Mesh Frame Panel

Long Piece For Railing


Long Piece 10 m 20 m 40m  Other Length 


How install  flexible mesh on frame?


Long Mesh For Railing

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