Rope Ferruled Mesh

Application: building façade.cable mesh for railing,balustrade,staircase. handrail.balcony infill.wire rope mesh fence.leight weight flexible green net on bridge.bird netting,aviary mesh.monkey enclosure mesh.tiger Enclosure mesh.zoo mesh.animal enclosure mesh.

Solution : mill oxide finish.rectangular piece,trapezoid piece,irregular piece.extral large piece.pre-fabricated frame panels.customized mesh width and length.

Warranty: Europe technical approve.AISI 316 stainless steel guarantee.presicion size,100% install guarantee.

Service : assistant design & replace new mesh when it's our mistake. 

Candurs ferrule rope mesh is used quality stainless steel wire rope made from South Korea.offers higher break loading capacity.World class quality.

Rope mesh assembled 100% seamless rope ferrule.high breaking loading capacity.

Rope Mesh Structure

Flexible rope ferrule mesh is assembled stainless steel wire roppe with rope ferrule.optimal stretch at 60 °angle.

OW: Opening Width.

OH: Opening Height.


Mesh Rope Diameter / Mesh Code
OW X OH 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 3.0 mm 
20 x 35 CD1020      
25 x 45 CD1025 CD1525    
30 x 52 CD1030 CD1530 CD2030  
35 x 61 CD1035 CD1535 CD2035  
40 x 70 CD1040 CD1540 CD2040 CD3040
50 x 90 CD1050 CD1550 CD2050 CD3050
60 x 105 CD1060 CD1560 CD2060 CD3060
70 x 120 CD1070 CD1570 CD2070 CD3070
80 x 140 CD1080 CD1580 CD2080 CD3080
100 x 175 CD10100 CD15100 CD20100 CD30100
120 x 210 CD10120 CD15120 CD20120 CD30120
160 x 280 CD10160 CD15160 CD20160 CD30160
180 x 315  CD10180 CD15180 CD20180 CD30180
200 x 350 CD10200 CD15200 CD20200 CD30200

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