Flexible Architectural Cable Mesh Factory

Rope Mesh Made From South Korea Rope.90 % Export Europe.USA.Australia Market.

World Class Quality
9 Years OEM ODM
100 % Install Guarantee
Quickly Delivery

Necessary For Design


  1. ​Rope diameter decide the break loading capacity.
  2. Mesh opening decide the open area.
  3. Border design decude the install way.

Choose suitable flexible stainless steel rope mesh.cost save.install quickly.

Note: the small opening,the cost expensive. 



Railing & Balustrade

Rope Mesh For Railing

Green Wall

Rope Mesh For Green Wall

Animal Enclosure

Rope Mesh For Animal Enclosure

Safety Net

Play Ground

Drop Safe Net

Customized For Application

Flexible Rope Mesh Structure High Open Area. High Break Loading Capacity.Long Using Time, Widely Application.

Candurs provide flexible stainless steel rope mesh:

  1. Rectangular panel.
  2. Trapezoid panel.
  3. Triangular panel.
  4. Curve panel and other irregular panel.
  5. Extra long,large panel to meet different application required.

Advantage: Precision panel dimension.100% Install guarantee.


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