Candurs tension wire rope

Candurs tension wire rope systems is made from quality stainless steel wire rope and rope fitting, crimped by professional wire rope swagers.Vast experience in manufacture all kinds of tension wire rope for architectural application.


  • Architectural.Green wall.Railing & balustrade.Safety net.


Ends Type:

  • Swaged Fork.Swaged eye.Swaged external & internal thread.End stop.

We insist on providing stable quality ss tension cable to our customers.

We have established a partnership with professional swager provider, Talurit provides professional equipment and continuous technical support. Making ensure Candurs stainless steel tension wire rope maintains a high quality level always. So far we can provide tension steel cables from 2mm to 12mm.

Candurs Tension Rope Swager
Candurs Tension Rope Swager Die


Swaged fork terminal Rope


Swaged eye terminal Rope

External & Internal Thread

Swaged thread terminal Rope