Custom Mesh For Railing

Flexible stainless steel wire rope mesh has flexibility,simple structure design,light weight,corrositant resostamt,higher breaking loading capacity, install easily. Popular wire mesh for railing,staircase,balustrade,balcony systems.

Candurs’s rope ferrule mesh is choosed super quaity stainless steel wire rope made from South korea.Assembled by seamless wire rope ferrule. vast experience manufacture wire rope net for railing systems.

Balustrade Infill.

When the structure is confirmed, measure inside frame dimension. Precisioin cut each piece of ss rope mesh at factory. install directly,without other works.

Railing Infill.

when meets long span length of railing. a continue length of ss rope net is necessary. cut off extra length while installation.
So far,we had provided 150m long single piece of mesh,longer length is possible.


Staircase Infill.

it is workable to cut exact irregular shape mesh for staircase. install directly,without other work.

Providing drawing if possible.

Mesh With Frame.

Providing prefabricated stainless steel rope mesh tubular frames.  
Custom necessary fixing accessories.


100m CD1580 Flexible Stainless Steel Rope Mesh For Railing Spain

Flexible Stainless Steel Rope Fence On Staircase CD1540

Hungary CD1560 Staircase Protection Mesh