Green Wall Systems

Wire rope green wall systems provides plant climbing. Plants grow along the wire trellis system and constantly purify the air. Bring people a relaxed life.

  • 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Light self-weight.
  • Easily install.
  • Economic.


Mesh For Green Wall

Rope Ferrule Mesh Design.

Prefabricated flexible stainless steel rope ferrule mesh is installed on tension cable. Offers lowest self weight.quickly install. easily control the mesh size.

Wire rope: 1.5mm,2mm.
Opening width from 60mm - 400mm

Wire Rope Trellis Design.

Creating different networks by wire rope, spacer, clamps,rope fitting components.

Wire rope : 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.

Tension rope: outsude thread,eye,fork ends.

Clampes: cross clamp,adjustable clampls etc.

Possible wire rope trellis pattern.

Wire Trellis V-1

Wire Trellis V-2

Wire Trellis V-3

Trellis Net-1

Trellis Net-2

Trellis Net-3

Trellis Net-4